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We provide a variety of services to our customers, including website design, development and maintenance. We offer a high level of quality and professionalism to all our clients.

  • Product

    Design and creation of static websites.

    Static websites may seem like old technology but they are an economic solution for those who want to initiate a presence on the internet without spending a lot. Our static packages include low to mid cost solutions with all the functionality of a big site.

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    Design and creation of dynamic websites.

    If you need to present your services and products and update them at any time, from any place without the need of a programmer then this is the ideal solution for your bussiness.

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    Content Managements Systems

    A content management system is a module that allows the website owner to make updates on the site. We offer our own content mangagement system calibrated according to your needs. We also offer more sophisticated CMS.

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    SEO services (Search Enging Optimization)

    The creation of a website by itself is not enough to greatly increase revenue for your company. We offer services to help your site rank higher in search engines.

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    Maintenance of existing websites.

    We can alter and redesign your existing or older website so you can keep up with the lastest technologies and help your bussiness evolve along with the market.

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    We offer powerfull 24-hour hosting services, with fast, safe, effective and reliable customer support.

How to choose a website for you

Static site

You need a static website when:

Read MoreYou don't want to update the site yourself and are willing to pay a developer to do it for you.

Read More Updates of your site are rare, once every three months or so.

Read More You want a good quality site at a more affordable cost.


Dynamic site

You need a dynamic website when:

Read More You want to do the updates of the content yourself without the need of a programmer/developer.

Read More You need a website that has the potential for expansion and uses a lot of material such as photos & text.

Read More You are interested in sales online.


E commerce site

You need an e-commerce website when:

Read More You want to sell or rent your products online.

Read More You want to expand your store online.

Read More You want a presense 24 hours a day..

Read More You want your sales to have no limits or boundaries.